Trickeza is a unique creative studio specializing in title design for feature films
commercials and other visual projects.
Blending together analog and practical with seamless digital techniques
to create stunning, one of a kind titles and visuals for your next project.
A captivating title sequence is an integral part of how the audience experiences a story.
It’s an introduction to the world, the characters, and the themes of the show.
It has to look great, set the tone, and be eminently re-watchable.
It should be a treat week after week, a beautiful fusion of design and storytelling that welcomes the viewers and is always a pleasure to watch.



Cinematographer / Motion Designer


Cinematographer / VFX Specialist


  • Real Eyes Productions
  • Sworr - Music Group
  • Dolor
  • Ametex
  • Conse
  • Vitae